Future of Payments • AI chatbots, etc.
• Blockchain
• Open Banking / APIfication
• Wearables (IoT)
Smart Cities • Big Data
• IoT
• Cognitive
• Next-gen communication
• Office of the Future
Smart Transport • Connected cars, pods, metros, bullet trains, hyperloops, etc
Future of Energy • Smart grids, electric vehicles, etc.
Emerging Tech • AI (ML, Deep Learning, etc.)
• Robotics
• Breakthroughs in robotics are giving machines the skills they need to work side by side with us, and to learn from each other.
• Industrial IoT
• AR / VR — Mixed Reality
• 3D Printing
Connected Health • Gene Editing for Better Health
Other Highlights • A power-packed Tech CEO Panel
• Fireside chats
Tech Innovation Awards Function • Mint, along with EY as a research partner, will felicitate seven young start-ups who have demonstrated significant business or social impact by application of digital technologies.
• The awards will cover seven emerging tech categories: Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics process automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Hardware robotics, 3D printing and Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality (AR-VR).
• The goal is to recognize the development of new technology or the creative application of these technologies to solve problems.

Innovation Awards

Mint-EY Emerging Technology Adoption Index


The Mint-EY Emerging Technology Index is a comprehensive analysis, recognizing the efforts of organizations that have adopted the most promising and disruptive technologies to fuel innovation across various functions and solve business problems. A flagship research powered by EY in association with Mint, the Emerging Technology Index aims to inspire innovation while serving as an indicator of India Inc.’s gradual progress over the next five years in embracing technology disruption.


Nominations will be accepted and assessed under seven categories:


1. Robotics Process Automation (software)
2. Artificial Intelligence (Includes deep learning, computer vision, NLG, NLP)
3. Blockchain
4. Internet of Things (IoT)
5. Hardware Robotics
6. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
7. 3D printing

We will be inviting nominations shortly.


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With high-impact media amplification across various media channels, we offer exciting partnership opportunities to ailgn your brand with the major themes at this year’s Mint Digital Innovation Summit. Customized integration opportunities are also available, including exhibit space, digital booths, interactive technology-led devices, sponsored sessions, and more.

Join us in leading the conversation with businesses and people working on the emerging technologies that will change our lives.


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