Public Policy Summit and Awards

21-22 July 2022

Understanding the topics and why they matter

Climate change, sustainable development and clean energy

Climate change is arguably the largest, most complex issue facing humanity. To keep global warming below 2°C, India along with 196 countries, has agreed to gradually reduce the use of fossil fuels, switching to clean energy sources and reducing CO2 emissions to reach net carbon neutrality by 2050. Decarbonisation is a major way to keep global warming within acceptable levels. The April 2022 report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned of significant dangers from global warming – worsening natural disasters and an ecosystem collapse over time.

Urbanization is intrinsic to development and often serves as a major driver of economic growth. Only 32% of the country’s population is living in the cities but that is going to change by 2050. Cities occupy just 3 percent of India’s land, but they contribute 60 percent of its GDP. Balancing the needs of our modern societies by incorporating sustainability into our development and using cleaner sources of energy to power lives is crucial for liveable conditions to endure on our planet. Governmental action at various levels has been trying to counter environmental degradation.


1500-2200 hrs DAY 1 PROGRAMME
1500-1600 Registration and High Tea (1500-1600)
1600-1700 Inauguration + Unveiling Nominees - Day 1 Awards Categories
1700-1730 Opening Address – Guest of Honour
1730-1745 Onstage Interview + Audience Q&A
1745-1805Presentation 1
1805-1835Panel Discussion 1
1835-1905Presentation 2
1905-1935Panel Discussion 2
1940-2030First Set of Awards 1-20
2030-2200Gala Dinner– Day 1 invitees, speakers, sponsors, awardees
Day 2 Programme | 0845-2100 hrs
0845-0915 Registration and Tea
0915-0945 Unveiling Nominees - Day 2 Awards Categories
0945-1030 Key Note Address and Interview – Chief Guest
1030-1045Presentation of Chief Minister’s Awards
1030-1045Break 15 Minutes
1100-1120 Presentation 3
1120-1140 Presentation 4
1140-1210Panel Discussion 2
1210-1240Panel Discussion 3
1240-1300Presentation 5
 Lunch 1 Hour
1400-1420 Presentation 6
1420-1450 Panel Discussion 4
1450-1510Presentation 7
1510-1545Panel Discussion 5
 Break 15 Minutes
1600-1620 Presentation 8
1620-1650 Panel Discussion 6
1650-1705Plenary Session Closing Address – Guest of Honour
1705-1815Second Set of Awards 21-48
1815-1830Vote of Thanks
1830-2100Sponsors Evening (1900-2100) – Day 2 Sponsors + Invitees

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Awards Categories

  • The Mint Public Policy Award for the Best State (Large, Medium, Small & UTs)
  • The Mint Public Policy Award for Distinguished Career Service
  • Driving Change at Scale
  • Use of Technology
  • Public Participation and Inclusiveness
  • Innovation
  • Transparency and Accountability

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Mint - Public Policy Summit and Awards | July 21st & 22nd, 2022

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