Mint Lounge Weekenders 2017



When you are surrounded by some of the world’s best jasmine sambac extracted and bottled, the atmosphere has to be heady. The audience at the first Lounge Weekender on 1st September at New Delhi’s Lodhi hotel was spellbound by mix of sight, smell and taste.

Historian and author William Dalrymple took the audience down an ittar with a talk that focused on how India was both famed and envied for its mastery of the art and science of perfumery. He spoke about the Ni’matnama, or the Book of Delights.

Contemproray booutique fragrances houses such as Bombay Perfumery are now translating this rich tradition into a veritable business. At the event, the brand tested guests with a perfume quiz in which they had to guess the notes of their premium fragrances from the spicy aromas of Calicut to the woodines of 1020 and the floral indulgence of Madurai Talkies.

Taking the evening of indulgence forward, wine and spirits consultant Anand Virmani emphasized the “high” and “low” notes in whisky with a tasting session that involved 15 and 18-year-old expressions of Glenfiddich.

The action moved indoors for dinner with dishes such as Nizami Murgh Qorma, Jasmine Rice and Matcha Tiramisu.

Inspired by the 15th century Lodhi dynasty and now an embodiment of contemporary luxury and finesse, The Lodhi hotel was the perfect backdrop for an evening that hit all the right notes.



1st September, 2017 | The Lodhi, New Delhi

An evening of luxury lifestyle  to experience, exchange and engage with the luxurious brands from the perfume industry.

  • The event witnessed 75+ HNI’s and Corporate Heads
  • Interactive Live Scent Station by Bombay Perfumery
  • Personality test organised by Bombay Perfumery
  • An exclusive talk by Historian and author, William Dalrymple
  • Exclusive sessions with Bombay Perfumery’s Manan Gandhi and Glenfiddich’s Anand Virmani


“Scents and Sensuality in India”


William Dalrymple, Historian and Author

Manan Gandhi, Founder, Bombay Perfumery

Anand Virmani, Consultant, Glenfiddich

Venue and Date

1st September 2017, The Lodhi, New Delhi


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