Artificial intelligence (AI) adoption has more than doubled over the past five years, and investment in AI is gathering pace. That said, machine learning, an AI technique, was largely limited to observe and classify patterns in content with the help of predictive models. Now text-based machine learning models rely on self-supervised learning, which involves feeding a model a humungous amounts of text to enable it to generate predictions. Known as Generative AI, it describes algorithms and chatbot models such as ChatGPT that are multimodal, implying that they can be used not only to create or generate new content but also audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos.

Individuals and smaller companies across the world appear to be heartily embracing these new AI-powered tools to write blogs, reviews, resumes, product descriptions, make short films, create images, make videos, generate software code, provide templates for marketing campaigns, and even analyze broad economic trends. However, the models will also need a fair bit of customisation and fine-tuning besides addressing security and privacy challenges to stay up-to-date when used by companies. Regardless, Generative AI is being discussed in global boardrooms--17% of CEOs in the January-March quarter of this calendar year, spurred by the release of ChatGPT and the discussions around its potential use cases. Experts at this event will discuss how to make the best use of AI and Generative AI models even as they discuss how to address the challenges and disruption that the exponential growth of these new technologies is posing.


1:00 PM onwards
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

    Lunch and Registration

  • 2:10 PM – 2:20 PM

    Setting the Context

    By Leslie D'Monte, Sr. Associate Editor, Mint

  • 2:20 PM – 2:35 PM

    State of Generative AI in India

    By Rajat Mathur, Partner, Boston Consulting Group

  • 2:35 PM – 2:50 PM

    Is AI the next utopia or dystopia?

    By Debjani Ghosh, President, Nasscom

  • 2:50 PM – 3:20 PM

    AI, GenAI from an enterprise lens

    Rajesh Uppal, MEB (HR, IT, SAFETY, DE), Maruti Suzuki India
    Shrijeet Mishra, Chief Innovation Officer and Head Group Services, Aditya Birla Group
    Rucha Nanavati, CIO, Mahindra Group

  • 3:20 PM – 3:50 PM

    Showcasing the power of AI

    Dr. Vibha Tripathi, Founder, Boon
    Arup Chakraborty, Founder & CEO, Mirrorsize
    Rrahul Sethi, Founder, Metaverse911
    Rustom Lawyer, Co-Founder & CEO, Augnito
    Dr. Sarita Ahlawat, MD & Co-Founder, BotLab Dynamics

  • 3:50 PM – 4:10 PM

    How to build a sustainable GenAI enterprise strategy

    By Sreedhara Narayanaswamy, Head of Innovations Centers, Center of Excellence, Cloud Engineering, Japan & Asia Pacific, Oracle

  • 4:10 PM – 4:50 PM

    How enterprises should prepare for an AI-, Generative AI-driven future

    Rohit Jain, VP & Head of Technology, Airtel Digital
    Aditya Varma, Former Director of Transformation and Innovation, Indian Navy
    Jayanth Kolla, Partner & Founder, Convergence Catalyst
    Sheba Fernando, Global Head - DataScience, AI and GenAI, LTIMindtree
    Manish Tiwari, CIO, Fractal

    Shouvik Das, Special Correspondent, Mint

  • 5:00 PM – 5:20 PM

    Tea Break

  • 5:20 PM – 5:30 PM

    Holistic approach to AI

    By Kashyap Kompella, CEO, RPA2AI Research

  • 5:30 PM – 5:40 PM

    AI for Societal Good: Lessons from the ground

    By Raghu Dharmaraju, CEO, ARTPARK at IISc

  • 5:40 PM – 5:55 PM

    Personalising AI for India

    By Amitabh Nag, CEO, Digital India Bhashini Division

  • 6:00 PM – 6:20 PM

    How AI is transforming India

    By Dr. Neeraj Mittal, Secretary, Department of Telecommunications, Govt. Of India

  • 6:25 PM – 6:35 PM

    AI and Indian Law

    By Nappinai N S, Supreme Court lawyer & Founder, Cybersaathi

  • 6:35 PM – 6:45 PM

    Making rural India rich with LLMs

    By Manu Chopra, CEO, Karya Inc

  • 6:45 PM – 6:55 PM

    What it takes to make a driverless car in India

    By Gagandeep Reehal, Co-Founder & CEO, Minus Zero

  • 7:00 PM – 7:20 PM

    Beyond LLMs: Harnessing the Full AI Toolkit

    By Jack Hidary, CEO, SandboxAQ

  • 7:25 PM – 7:40 PM

    Road to digital mental health

    By Carin-Isabel Knoop, Executive Director, Harvard Business School

  • 7:45 PM – 8:25 PM

    How hi-tech is enabling 'Make in India'

    Ashutosh Gupta, Country Manager, LinkedIn India
    Bipin Preet Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, MobiKwik
    Satish Shukla, Co-Founder, Addverb
    Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia
    Shashank Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, DeHaat

    Leslie D'Monte, Sr. Associate Editor, Mint

  • 8:30 PM – Onwards

    Vote of thanks followed by Cocktails & Dinner

Key Areas of Focus

How India is becoming an
AI Superpower
Enterprise Perspective
on AI
Holistic approach to AI
AI and Indian Law
Advancing rural India with Local Language Models (LLMs)
Insights from investors on
Generative AI



Dr. Neeraj Mittal

Secretary, DoT, Govt. of India

Amitabh Nag

CEO, Digital India Bhashini Division

Jack Hidary

CEO, SandboxAQ

Carin-Isabel Knoop

Executive Director, Harvard Business School

Debjani Ghosh

President, Nasscom

Ashutosh Gupta

Country Manager, LinkedIn India

Rajesh Uppal

MEB(HR, IT, SAFETY, DE), Maruti Suzuki India

Sreedhara Narayanaswamy

Head of Innovations Centers, Center of Excellence, Cloud Engineering (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), Japan & Asia Pacific, Oracle

Bipin Preet Singh

Co-Founder & CEO, MobiKwik

Shrijeet Mishra

Chief Innovation Officer & Head Group Services, Aditya Birla Group

Raghu Dharmaraju


Rohan Verma

CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia

Shashank Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO, DeHaat

Satish Shukla

Co-Founder, Addverb

Nappinai NS

Lawyer, Supreme Court, Founder, Cyber Saathi

Rohit Jain

VP & Head of Technology, Airtel Digital

Sheba Fernando

Global Head - DataScience, AI and GenAI, LTIMindtree

Manu Chopra

CEO, Karya Inc

Jayanth N Kolla

Co-Founder & Partner, Convergence Catalyst

Kashyap Kompella

CEO, RPA2AI Research

Arup Chakraborty

Founder & CEO, Mirrorsize

Dr. Vibha Tripathi

Founder, Boon

Aditya Varma

Former Director of Transformation and Innovation, Indian Navy

Dr. Sarita Ahlawat

MD & Co-Founder, BotLab Dynamics

Rrahul Sethi

Founder, Metaverse911

Rustom Lawyer

Co-Founder & CEO, Augnito

Gagandeep Reehal

Co-Founder & CEO, Minus Zero

Manish Tiwari

CIO, Fractal

Rucha Nanavati

CIO, Mahindra Group

Rajat Mathur

Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Leslie D'Monte

Senior Associate Editor, Mint (Moderator)

Shouvik Das

Senior Correspondent, Mint (Moderator)

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