Healthcare in India has two faces, one of plush and high-tech private hospitals and healthcare centres in metros and large towns, and the other of government-run healthcare centres all over the country. The government-run facilities are always under extreme pressure, with more patients streaming than they can handle, dilapidated living conditions and creaking equipment, doctors and nursing staff who are stretched to the end of their tether at all times, and volatile patients and their families who frequently resort to violence and intimidatory measures when faced with dire situations.

This face of Indian healthcare took on a decidedly ugly face during the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially during the first two waves, when Covid vaccinations were still not done. The shortage of beds, doctors, nurses and oxygen crippled the system, and the battle took a mental toll not only on patients but even doctors, nurses, and managers of India’s hospitals. Since then, things have improved, and India handled the third and fourth waves of Covid-19 very well, and the vaccination program has also been effective.

But there are several challenges that remain extant. A population of 1.4 billion, a large chunk of which is poor and cannot afford to pay for healthcare or even for medical insurance, is at the crux of the problem. A crumbling public healthcare infrastructure, not only in villages and small towns, but even in larger cities and metros, has made healthcare access on time very difficult. Estimates suggest the ratio of allopathic doctors to people in India is 1:1511. Plus, there is always a shortage of funding, wide disparity in quality between urban and rural facilities, not enough insurance coverage, low understanding and awareness of preventive care, delays in diagnosis, etc.

While there has been a lot of concerted effort both by the government and private industry, yet it simply has not been enough. Lifestyle changes have also contributed to an increase of diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, among other things. To deliberate on these challenges and work towards long-term solutions, Mint brings together experts across all stakeholders in the ecosystem, for a day of brainstorming and sharing of ideas.


2:00 PM onwards
  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

    Guest Registrations & Lunch

  • 3:00 PM – 3:10 PM

    Welcome Address

    Ravi Krishnan, Editor-in-Chief, Mint

  • 3:10 PM – 3:40 PM

    Keynote address - AYUSH: India's gift to the world

    Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of Ayush

  • 3:40 PM – 4:00 PM

    Fireside Chat - Super speciality hospitals: Challenges and the way forward


    Dr. Upasana Arora, CEO and Managing Director, Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals

    Moderator: Alokesh Bhattacharyya, Deputy Managing Editor, Mint

  • 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

    Panel Discussion - Insuring the uninsured: Health insurance's penetration challenge


    Mayank Gupta, COO & Co-Founder, Zopper

    Dr. Bhabatosh Mishra, Director- Product, Underwriting & Claims, Niva Bupa Health Insurance

    Shilpa Arora, Co-Founder & COO, Insurance Samadhan

    Rishi Mathur, Chief Distribution Officer – Alternate Channels and Chief Strategy Officer, Canara HSBC Life Insurance


    Moderator: Aprajita Sharma, Assistant Editor, Mint

  • 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM

    Fireside chat - High tech with scale: The future of healthcare


    Vishal Bali, Executive Chairman, AH Holdings


    Moderator: Goutam Das, Editor Long Story, Mint Primer

  • 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM

    Tea Break

  • 6:00 PM – 6:40 PM

    Panel Discussion - Healthtech's cost-cutting and scaling-up imperatives


    Ashish Venkataramani, Partner, Eight Roads Ventures

    Prashant Tandon, CEO & Founder, Tata 1mg

    Shashank N.D., Co-Founder & CEO, Practo

    Gautam Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO, BeatO


    Moderator: Sneha Shah, Senior Assistant Editor, Mint

  • 6:40 PM – 7:30 PM

    Panel Discussion - Indian Healthcare: Challenges and opportunities of the future


    Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev, Chairman and Managing Director, Centre for Sight

    Vivek Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO, HCAH India

    Dr. Om Manchanda, Managing Director, Dr Lal PathLabs

    Aryaman Tandon, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Praxis Global Alliance

    Prof. Tanuja Manoj Nesari, Director, All India Institute of Ayurveda


    Moderator: Alokesh Bhattacharyya, Deputy Managing Editor, Mint

  • 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM

    Fireside Chat - The next pandemic. Are we ready?


    Dr Kaushal K Verma, Dean (Research), AIIMS


    Moderator: Utpal Bhaskar, Assistant Managing Editor, Mint

  • 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM

    Keynote address - What Indian Healthcare Needs: The Policy Perspective

    Shri Sudhansh Pant, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

  • 8:30 PM – onwards

    Networking, Dinner & Cocktails

Guests of Honour


Shri Sudhansh Pant

Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare



Shri Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha

Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH

Vishal Bali

Executive Chairman, AH Holdings

Prashant Tandon

Founder & CEO, Tata 1mg

Shashank ND

Co-Founder and CEO, Practo

Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev

Chairman and Managing Director, Centre For Sight

Vivek Srivastava

Co-Founder and CEO, HCAH India

Dr. Om Manchanda

Managing Director, Dr. Lal PathLabs

Dr. Bhabatosh Mishra

Director- Product, Underwriting & Claims, Niva Bupa Health Insurance

Gautam Chopra

Co-Founder and CEO, BeatO

Dr. Kaushal K Verma

Dean (Research), AIIMS

Shilpa Arora

Co-Founder & COO, Insurance Samadhan

Prof. Tanuja Manoj Nesari

Director, AII India Institute of Ayurveda

Rishi Mathur

Chief Distribution Officer - Alternate Channels and Chief Strategy Officer, Canara HSBC Life Insurance

Dr. Upasana Arora

CEO and Managing Director, Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital

Ashish Venkataramani

Partner, Eight Roads Ventures

Mayank Gupta

COO & Co-Founder, Zopper

Aryaman Tandon

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Praxis Global Alliance

Ravi Krishnan

Editor-in-Chief, Mint

Alokesh Bhattacharyya

Deputy Managing Editor, Mint (Moderator)

Aprajita Sharma

Assistant Editor, Mint (Moderator)

Goutam Das

Editor Long Story, Mint Primer (Moderator)

Sneha Shah

Senior Assistant Editor, Mint (Moderator)

Utpal Bhaskar

Assistant Managing Editor, Mint (Moderator)

Event Video

Key Areas of Focus

The Covid-19 Impact

Gaps, focus diversion, long-term consequences

Industry Challenges

Financial strain, delays, rising costs

Insurance Penetration

Cost alleviation for patients

Addressing Issues

Infrastructure, staff, cost, supply chain for hospital progress

Health-tech Startups

Last-mile care: delivery, diagnostics, personalized solutions, video consultations

Trust Building

Strategies for confidence, regulatory hurdles

Startup challenges

Regulations, funding, talent, trust-building.

Government Support

Mitigating challenges, fostering growth

Who Should Attend

Government Officials
Healthcare Industry Leaders
Medical Professionals
Investors and Venture Capitalists
Technology Innovators and Entrepreneurs
International Healthcare Experts
Philanthropists and Foundations

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